Open Source Observatory October 2017

The Open Source Observatory ( articles I wrote and published for the European Commission in October 2017.

‘Tallinn declaration’ commits EU to increase use of open sourceFrench senator: ‘Digital sovereignty at stake’
When building or rebuilding ICT systems, public services should make more use of open source, the Ministers of the European Union Member States and EFTA countries agree.France’s Senate should start a commission of inquiry into a proprietary licence contract signed by the Ministry of Defence, says senator Joëlle Garriaud-Maylam.
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Galicia’s open source policy boosts local ICT companies
German government IT experts add OpenPGP to LibreOffice
Gartner: make government source code open source
Document interoperability expert: “Make ODF the default”
Gijs Hillenius
Context for Digital Government

Policy specialist on open source in public services, knowlegde transfer expert