Open Source Observatory May & June 2017

The Open Source Observatory ( articles I wrote and published for the European Commission in May & June 2017.

Swedish policy makers want end to IT vendor lock-inGalicia continues promotion of free software
Swedish public administrations have to get rid of IT vendor lock-in, members of parliament and key government representatives agree.The autonomous region of Galicia will continue to encourage the use of free and open source software solutions.
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Italian municipality calls for sharing of IT solutions [Italy]
Norway register shares dataset tools as open source [Norway]
UK’s Bolton hospital extends OpenEyes patient record system [United Kingdom]
Galicia to add 70 libraries to its Koha system [Spain]
Arles publishes vaccination management tool [France]
Swedish towns pool resources for school standards [Sweden]
Poland court: govt source code does not have to be made public [Poland]
Free software campaign signs up future French MPs [France]
Slovakia officially approves ICT standards guide [Slovakia]
Public sector turns to Discourse for citizen interaction [Europe]
Public sector benefits from LibreOffice bug hunting [Europe]
European Commission updates EUPL open source licence [Spain]
Gijs Hillenius
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