Open Source Observatory May 2014

Galicia to switch first 1000 workstations to Libre Office40% Italian public administrations uses open source
The autonomous region of Galicia will this year migrate at least one-thousand government workstations to exclusively use the LibreOffice open source suite of office solutions, it announced on 30 April. The government also said it would start raising awareness among the region’s public administrations about the advantages of sharing, and promoting the reuse of ICT solutions. The government has reserved a 147,000 euro budget for this year’s free software actions.Just over 40 per cent of Italy’s public administrations are using open source software solutions, the country’s National Statistical Institute, Istat, reports. According to its ‘Public institutions’ 2011 Census' report, published on 31 March, this is especially the case among state, regional and provincial administrations.
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UK public administrations join MongoDB hackathon
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Deadline extended for office interoperability project
Warsaw to donate PCs to school for Linux labs
Gijs Hillenius
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