Open Source Observatory March 2016

The Open Source Observatory ( articles I wrote and published in March 2016 for the European Commission.

Nantes Métropole completes switch to LibreOfficeUS invites public comment on open source policy
Nantes Métropole, France’s 6th largest city, will complete its transition to LibreOffice, a free and open source suite of office productivity tools. The city has budgeted EUR 200,000 for bug fixes and new features, specifying that all improvements are to be submitted for inclusion in the LibreOffice project.The US’ Federal Government is asking for public comment on a draft Federal Source Code policy. The policy will require new software developed specifically for or by the Federal Government to be made available for sharing and re-use across federal agencies. Part of this code is to be made available publicly.
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Galicia: open source allows IT standardisation [Spain]
‘Publicly funded software should be free’ [Europe]
Polish think tank considers making DMS open source [Poland]
UK waste standards pilot shares APIs and manuals [United Kingdom]
EC and EP use open source for software development [Europa]
Polish eGovernment strategy advocates open source [Poland]
Dortmund levels playing field for open source [Germany]
US invites public comment on open source policy [USA]
‘Open source essential to government modernisation’ [Ireland]
‘Cantons should reuse Geneva’s eVoting software’ [Switzerland]
Open source lets Irish Taxes scale IT solutions [Ireland]
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