Open Source Observatory June 2015

My Open Source Observatory ( headlines from June 2015, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

EC publishes open source code of legislation editor [European Union]
Greek town of Livadeia switched to LibreOffice [Greece]
Open standards lower costs, French IT firms say [France]
EU court to decide on PC and software bundling [European Union]
France: ‘tax source code will be made public’ [France]
Poznań patron of hackathon for open source apps [Poland]
Extremadura schoolboard’s software deal protested [Spain]
Aragon publishes updates of eGovernment software [Spain]
Galicia publishes open source tools [Spain]
Healthcare trade group to validate open source solutions [European Union]
Ships to use open source for sea ice information [European Union]
Gijs Hillenius
Context for Digital Government

Policy specialist on open source in public services, knowlegde transfer expert