Open Source Observatory June 2014

All the Open Source Observatory ( headlines from June 2014, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

Extremadura health care has switched to open sourceLeipzig is switching to open source office suites
The desktop computer systems of government healthcare organisations in the Spanish region of Extremadura all rely on free and open source software solutions. Over the past year, close to 10,000 computer workstations in public health care organisations have migrated to a customised version of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.The German city of Leipzig is switching to using open source suites of office productivity tools: Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It expects that in the first five years the anticipated savings will be swallowed by the exit costs associated with the proprietary software used by the city. Starting in 2017, however, the city expects to lower its IT costs by some 100,000 euro, says Lars Greifzu, responsible for marketing and sales at Lecos, the city-owned IT service provider.
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Open source to help Wales protect environment
Flanders to re-use Dutch base registry compliance test tool
Using open source, France tops UN e-Government survey
City of Trieste moves to Apache OpenOffice
Open source helps Nordic land surveys work together
South Korean government to switch to open source
Germans petition for multi-platform tax return software
Open source spurs re-use of Greek geospatial data solution
‘Open file formats must be implementable in open source’
Swiss to study economic potential of open source
Open source hindered by OOXML incompatibilities
European Parliament to weigh open source pilots
‘Open source crucial for cutting edge industry’ - South Korea ICT ministry
‘Open source heightens cooperation and flexibility’ - Dutch town of Ede tells South Korea ICT ministry
‘Open standards and ITIL lead to open source’, France’s Gendarmerie tells Korean ICT ministry
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