Open Source Observatory July 2014

All the Open Source Observatory ( from July 2014, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

New MEPs urge building links to open source communitiesNew leadership challenges Munich’s open source strategy
Julia Reda and Max Andersson, two newly elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), want the Parliament to build links with well-known free software communities.The newly elected mayor and deputy mayor of the German city of Munich are questioning the city’s open source IT strategy, German IT news sites and daily newspapers are reporting.
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NL government bodies develop secure file hosting
UK government makes Open Document Format default
Belgian government receives first real e-invoice
Moving to LibreOffice saves Toulouse 1 million
Slovakia school open source campaign to continue
Webinar on open source GIS for environmental issues
Valencia Linux school distro saves 36 million euro
Open source CMS ‘at 12 per cent of UK councils’
‘Bug in Belgian voting machine should have been found’
Open source summer course for Greek authorities
Polish NGOs join to open up government
‘Munich city council shields Limux against Mayor’
Geneva class-rooms switching to free software
Revamped Linex website part of Extremadura’s digital agenda
France parliamentary committee: ‘encourage European open source software market
Iberian minority language groups reach out to open source
OFE: ‘Continued discrimination in IT procurement’
Open source helps Galicia modernise government
Coimbra University to save plenty with open source ERP
Reuse of Irish election data spurs open source
Umbrian schools teach Venice how to switch to open source
FSFE: EC’s continued vendor lock-in distorts market
Gijs Hillenius
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