Open Source Observatory February 2014

All the Open Source Observatory ( headlines from February 2014, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

[2014-03-06 Thu 16:31]

Education ministry Romania endorses UbuntuMunich chooses open source groupware solution
Romania’s Ministry of Education urges the country’s schools to consider switching to open source solutions such as the Ubuntu distribution. This will help the schools to avoid legal problems with using unlicensed copies of proprietary software, the ministry confirmed.The German city of Munich will implement Kolab, an open source mail server, calendaring and groupware solution. The consortium of IT service providers that won the city’s public tender on Tuesday announced that Munich will implement Kolab across its 15,000 desktops, including about 1000 still using a proprietary operating system.
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The Canaries continue to save with open source
More and more Linux in Riga children hospital
Munich’s open IT a topic in race for new mayor
Walloon e-government should prefer open source
Open source for Flanders' Open Data Platform
Open source GIS optimise aerial photo archive
Teachers Romania oblivious about open source
French local politicians support free software
Malta’s new open data site running open source
Danish towns share IT PM tool as open source
Dutch towns Typo3 association model for others
Archives to develop data conservation system
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