Open Source Observatory December 2018

The Open Source Observatory ( articles I wrote for the European Commission in December 2018.

France builds a government community for open sourceNew Luxembourg coalition to promote use of open source in public services
The French government is building its own open source developer community, aiming to bring together software developers and IT scientists who want to contribute to government-led open source projects.“Open source software will be promoted, especially by using it in public administrations.” For the first time, a Luxembourg government has included open source in its coalition agreement.
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Canton of Bern removes barriers to sharing its software as open source
Cyprus infrastructure ICT specialists win Vienna gamification challenge
Finland’s teachers turn to open source geospatial tools
Germany’s Hesse funds open source eHealth app
New Czech law makes ICT neutrality a right
Slovakia ‘should reinvigorate its open source push’
Heraklion encourages reuse of its open source identity management tool
Gijs Hillenius
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