Open Source Observatory December 2015

My Open Source Observatory ( headlines from December 2015, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

Telecom law ‘overlooked’ in ICT standards policyNew document solution offers openness and accountability
Using telecom law offers fundamental advantages over competition law to remedy monopolised ICT market sectors and in eGovernment initiatives.Public administrations that value openness and accountability of their cloud-based document data, should try out the combination of LibreOffice and OwnCloud.
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Grenoble commits to free software [France]
Infrabel seeking support for range of open source solutions [Belgium]
Open source engine for Portugal’s online gazette [Portugal]
Roskilde seeks open source services and support [Denmark]
Open source for Austria’s historical calendar [Austria]
New document solution offers openness and accountability [European Union]
Adullact to reinvigorate repository of tools [France]
Sweden wants to get rid of IT vendor-lock in [Sweden]
UK recommends reuse Italian survey analysis tool [United Kingdom]
Norway county shares emergency response system [Norway]
EC about to begin open source security audit [European Union]
Dutch government to shore up open source security [Netherlands]
Gijs Hillenius
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