Open Source Observatory December 2013

All the Open Source Observatory ( headlines from December 2013, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

Open source advancing at Dutch defence ministryEC considering hotline for procurement errors
The Dutch Ministry of Defence is increasingly turning to free and open source ICT solutions, including for its workstations. One of the governments' largest ICT projects, a proprietary enterprise warehouse system (Speer) for the armed forces runs on Suse Linux servers. Open source is also used for the tiniest of systems, such as a usb-key offering staffers a secure private network by using a tailored version of Ubuntu Linux.The European Commission is considering a hotline for the reporting of bad procurement practices and help procurers to respect standardisation policy. The hotline is one of seven new actions contemplated by the EC to support the “effective take up and implementation of standards”. The possible new actions are listed in the Rolling plan for ICT standardisation, published on 16 December and outlining the “next steps for ICT standardisation”.
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Baden-Württemberg pension fund relies on Linux
Munich to continue open source advocacy work
EP Green/EFA to use open source to secure email
UK gov conference to showcase open source
Estonia studies re-use of academic ID system
French open data platform runs on open source
Report: EU’s smart cities deliver open source
Government-used cryptography tool seeks funds
Software workshops attract Croatian students
‘Open’ one of keywords in Hungary’s ICT strategy
Irish LGMA to award right to redistribute software
Open source resource centres slight English barrier
Fins join Estonian development secure data exchange
FSFE: German coalition should prioritise open source
German government cloud: ‘Open source where possible’
‘Open source only’ at Dutch police Internet forensics
‘Turkey deliberately ignoring open source’
Budapest district debunks misgivings over open source
EUPL analysis published in IFOSSLR
Hungary’s open source centre kicks off website
Flemish data mining project built on open source
French Isère department encourages open source use
Open source runs Belgian social heating tariffs
‘Open source can fix Latvia’s unlicensed software problem’
Greens/EFA press EP’s President on open source
Gijs Hillenius
Context for Digital Government

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