Open Source Observatory August 2015

My Open Source Observatory ( headlines from August 2015, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

Open source part of Poland’s animal tracking projectNantes: Change management key to switch to free software
Poland’s Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture is modernising its animal identification and tracking system.Change management is the key to successfully replacing proprietary software by free and open source alternatives.
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Umeå University computer club supports open source[Sweden]
Munich councillors want to return to proprietary software [Germany]
Quebec government’ GIS tool for emergency services[Canada]
India’s open source policy ‘promotes innovation’ [India]
Greece to promote open source and open data [Greece]
Bundestag pursues automatic Linux installations [Germany]
Czech TV and radio switch websites to Drupal [Czech Republic]
German Interior Ministry seeks open source expertise [Germany]
Sweden’s Halland region extends KOHA library system [Sweden]
Adullact shares solution to access France’s e-ID services [France]
Freiburg hospital pilots open source research kit [Germany]
Licence change derails development of hospital system [Greece]
New Extremadura Govt to support open source in schools [Spain]
Gijs Hillenius
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