Open Source Observatory April 2017

The Open Source Observatory ( articles I wrote and published for the European Commission in March 2017.

Majority of towns in Wallonia now use open sourceItaly creates digital transformation team
The majority (75%) of municipalities in the Walloon region of Belgium are now using open source software and services.Italy started ‘Developers Italia’ a digital government transformation team and software development community focusing on open source software development.
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Volunteers tailor Ubuntu Linux to UK’s health service [United Kingdom]
Open source growth in Bourgogne-Franche-Comté [France]
Finland’s Oskari GIS platform aims to go global [Finland]
Citizen: ‘Madrid should study switch to open source’ [Spain]
Paris social housing reuses Madrid eParticipation portal [France]
Prototype of eParticipation portal shared as open source [Europe]
JRC: ‘Releasing code without a licence hinders reuse’ [Europe]
Czech Finance Ministry app boosts open data, source [Czech Republic]
Switch to open source model turns costs into R&D [Europe]
German states adopt open source-based security checks system [Germany]
Gijs Hillenius
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