Open Source Observatory April 2014

All the Open Source Observatory ( headlines from April 2014, transmogrified into clickable links to the articles.

CIO UK tax authority: Open source massively cost-effectiveMunich praises open source development community
Open source solutions are “massively cost-effective”, says Mark Dearnley, the Chief Digital & Information Officer at the UK’s tax authority, HMRC. The government department is set to increasingly use such this type of software, he announced at the ‘Open Source & Open Standards’ conference in London, on 3 April. “Open source is definitively going to change our future.”The German city of Munich is complimenting the free and open source software development community for providing fast and easy assistance. On the blog of the city’s IT department, Peter Onderscheka, business unit manager for IT strategy and IT security, writes how the developers' quick responses helped the city implement new services.
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Deadline extended for office interoperability project
Warsaw to donate PCs to school for Linux labs
Open source used commonly by authorities Albania
Updated OpenOffice ‘good news for administrations’
Albania youth ministry supports open source meeting
143 French politicians pledge to support free software
Dutch municipality tailors and shares Drupal site
Spanish hospitals test open source data portal
Open source core of Warsaw hospital e-health system
Swiss school invests open source savings in education
Open source propels UK healthcare data portal
‘Basque schools value savings of open source’
EU countries ‘prefer open specifications’
Computer lab management tool in over 500 Greek schools
UK’s IT security agency: Communities are key for standards
UK cities start alliance on sharing and re-use
Galicia recommends use of Open Document Format
Gijs Hillenius
Context for Digital Government

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